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While Fox is a name synonymous with specialist fishing, Wolf is a very different beast. Wolf was born from an idea of Richard Fox, the next generation of the famous equipment manufacturing dynasty. Richard convinced his father Clifford (who founded, built and later sold the giant that is Fox International) to join the company. Among them offer decades of experience in developing products that have changed the face of specialist fishing. Wolf was born out of a desire to return to the Fox family tradition of creating innovative, well-designed and iconic products. The first of these is a range of carp rods that combine high quality specifications and discreet looks with unparalleled throwing and playing capabilities. A range of revolutionary alarms with military-grade electronics is one of many products under development. Watch this space and join the wolf pack.

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Wolf X-Spod CompetitionPasturatore medio

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Fiondino da canna per il Carpfishing in nylon, ideale per palle da pastura che hanno un diametro che va da un minimo di 45 mm ad un massimo di 60mm.

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