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Meccanica Vadese dates back to 1986, where it was founded thanks to the knowledge of Benelli Armi acquiring so all the knowledge and assests of the histrorical company.

The company began to produce shooting meccanisms for firearms evolving now to a company that can produce high precision mechanic components for various applications. This includes parts for sport bikes, cars, industrial machinery and a full custom build service for even the most demanding customer.

Since 2008 Meccanica Vadese produces fishing and hunting tackle. The absolute quality of the materials and the precision production make sure that the products are build using very high standars and stand out of the crowd.

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Nick Evo Revolution Blu -Nero

620,00 €
730,00 € In Stock

Meccanica Vadese Nick '95 Black 3 e 4 Rods

730,00 €
64,00 € Out of stock

Meccanica Vadese Eco Quick - with locking collar

64,00 €
65,00 € In Stock

Il Nicketto è disponibile in tre misure S, M, L differenziati unicamente dalla lunghezza del corpo telescopico centrale, il tutto è costruito con il miglior alluminio disponibile e dotato di due punte in acciaio inox.

65,00 €
110,00 € In Stock

Meccanica Vadese Nicketto Acciaio con Buzz Bar

110,00 €
580,00 € In Stock

Evolution Bianco Satinato Rosso Buzz 3 Rod

580,00 €
570,00 € In Stock

Meccanica Vadese Nick Evolution Black 3 e 4 Rods

570,00 €
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