M3 Compact


M3 Compact

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This M3 Compact bivvy is the evolution of the extremely popular carbon compact. Using the tried and tested 16mm rigid pre-formed and powder coated aluminium tube (as introduced in 2000 on the the original MK1) this bivvy bridges the gap nicely between a classic one man bivvy and a 60 inch brolly offering a neat and compact set up without the excessive weight and space. The M3 Compact bivvy benefits from a unique and stable, twin rib design and swim friendly footprint.

  • Performance grade AQUATEXX®.
  • 16mm pre formed rigid aluminium tube.
  • Stable & compact 2 rib design.
  • Front and rear vents.
  • Compact footprint.
  • Full zip off infill panel.
  • Zip off peak.
  • Wrap available.
  • Heavy duty groundsheet included.
  • Complete with carry case, pegs and infill.
  • Weight of bivvy: 4.5kg
  • Weight of full system: 11.5kg
  • Footprint 2540mm (w) x 1980mm (d)
  • Height 1240mm

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