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Balanced Wafter hybrid

Balanced Wafter hybrid

Balanced Wafter Hybrid

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Balanced Wafter Hybrid - Modello 206818 mmDisponibile 9,50 € -20,00 %
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The new Mainline Balanced Wafter Hybrid have been designed to give an advanced advantage to your presentation without too much complexity.

Simply put the Wafter on the hair and the weight of the hook will slowly sink the trigger towards the bottom, obtaining a position of 'critical balance'....

After a long period of testing we managed to combine our unique Wafter mix with our popular frozen bait mixes.

This gives the modern carpist the ability to use balanced bait, ready to react to the aspiration of any carp - turning them into safer and more acclaimed fishes! Wafter/Amo Ratio: 12mm/Sz8 15mm/Sz6 18mm/Sz4. (Note: Check the rigs before launching.

Add counterbalance where necessary so that the weight of hooks can vary)

Available in 250ml jars with about 60 baits:

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