CC Moore Krill Wafters Dumbell 10x14 mm



CC Moore Krill Wafters Dumbell 10 x 14 mm

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Krill are small crustaceans that contain high quality, amino acid-rich protein and nutritionally beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Only the purest, Antarctic krill are used within CC Moore products as they are from the clean and barely-polluted waters of the Antarctic, making them of superior quality to others.

These highly concentrated hookbaits contain pure krill products to perfectly compliment any krill, fish and shellfish-based products. They are hand-rolled, dried and are then boosted with soluble krill protein liquid that easily disperses in all water temperatures, releasing powerful appetite stimulants that create an instant feeding response

Krill Hookbait properties:

  • High content of soluble attractors; ideal for year-round use
  • Deep, savoury taste & rich, natural krill aroma
  • Rich in amino acids derived from pure krill protein
  • Packed with krill meal and soluble krill protein
  • Perfectly matched, krill-like washed out pink colour
  • Pots of 50 10 x 14mm wafter dumbell hookbaits
  • Hookbaits are glugged in our pure Whole Krill Compound
  • Can be easily trimmed to balance; durable for 18 hours+
  • Contains +/- naturally occurring ionic salts
  • Tip: Krill Wafters are outstanding as a unique, single natural hookbait and for balancing and boosting the pulling power of snowman presentations. Try fishing them over PVA bags of Krill Micromass, Krill Bag Mix or Krill Pellets moistened with Whole Krill Compound.

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At CC Moore & Co Ltd we strive to produce fishing baits of the highest possible quality, giving anglers the greatest chance of catching in any given situation. Whether using boilies, pellets, particles, groundbaits, hookbaits or spod mixes you can rest assured that if you’re sat behind rods baited with CC Moore products you’ve taken your first steps to angling success.

Specialising in high quality baits which are proven to catch fish and not just anglers, our products are not only unrivalled in their natural attraction but are also so highly nutritious that they encourage fish to accept and search them out as a viable food source once they have been introduced. This has been proven time and time again by the capture and re-capture of many specimen Carp and other species from angling venues all across the world.