Blu Velvet Spot Care 5 kg

sf054N 5

Blu Velvet Spot Care 5 kg

Unico Diametro 20 mm

18,90 €

You asked us to produce bait bait associated with the Velvet Top Quality line and, after research, testing and various developments, we produced Spot Care: The Velvet Bait baiting line.

Blue Velvet Spot Care is the answer for large baiting, sold in convenient 5Kg bags will be able to support you both technically and economically on important baits.

The Blue Velvet Spot Care is highly profitable and at the same time digestible it is highly recommended to use in combination with the Top Quality Blue Velvet boilies to get the best yield.

Given its composition, it cannot be a trigger ball since the time it is dissolved in water is rather rapid but this is essential for bringing our friends with mustaches in the identified spot.

There are no limits to use, you can use as much as you want or better, as the fishing condition you are facing requires it.

Produced in a single diameter: 20 mm and sold in 5 kg bags.

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