Liver e Garlic Session Pack



Liver e Garlic Session Pack

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Liver e Garlic session pack

Prendi e vai, la soluzione istantanea ed immediata per la pesca giornaliera. Instant Action Session Pack offre molteplici opzioni di esca in un sacchetto – per una presentazione versatile in qualunque luogo o condizione ci si trova di fronte.

Contiene due dimensioni di boilies, pellet ad alta attrazione, due formati di boilies pop up ed un booster dip, Session Pack consente di personalizzare il tuo approccio – perfetto per sacchettidi PVA, rig ad omini di neve o inneschi singoli. La risposta è nel sacco!

Contenuto: 400gr 15mm boilies

  • 200gr 10mm boilies
  • 100ml Booster
  • 6 x 10mm, 4 x 15mm Airball Pop Ups
  • 550gr High Attract Pellet

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Nash is synonymous with Carpfishing, one of the few brands in the industry to be able to say without presuming to have "invented" the carpfishing.

From day one on the market the English company with the carp as a logo has never stopped researching and pushing ever more performing products in the carp fishing industry.

Nash is also one of the few brands that produces everything for carp fishing; from reeds to small parts, from tents to camping accessories up to the baits where, thanks to lines dedicated to each situation, it manages to provide the fisherman with truly winning solutions.

To date, those who purchase Nash Tackle products are sure to buy a piece of history of this fantastic sport.