Korda PVA Kontainer System



Korda PVA Kontainer System

59,90 €

All successful PVA bag anglers have their bag kit organised and ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. Having everything you need in one place, not only helps you fish more efficiently but also takes some of the aggravation out of fishing with PVA bags.

The Kontainer System is the perfect solution to help get your bagging prep on point by storing everything you are likely to need in one place, safe from the elements and most importantly organised and ready to go. No more scratching around for your PVA bags at the bottom of your rucksack, no more sifting through your leads for a 3oz Inline; the Kontainer System will store your pellets, powders, bags and bits all in one handy, modular 10L bucket.

What's inside the Kontainer?

As the name would suggest this is a System and comes complete with:

2 x 2L Mini-Kontainers with air-tight lids. These are perfect for storing powders, micro-pellets and crumbed boilie, essentially anything that you would like to keep contained and fresh.

1 x large tray which fits perfectly within the confines of the bucket. This tray is ideal for mixing your bag mix. It's made from hardened plastic, so it's strong, durable and easy to clean. Slotted neatly inside this tray are 2 x smaller moulded plastic trays, perfect for storing your needles, PVA bags, scissors, bait-floss and PVA tape so they are easily located when you need them.

Also, as part of the system comes a Korda branded syringe for injecting liquids like Goo into your bags and a Korda green bait-scoop for loading them up. Both fit perfectly into the trays provided.

Inside the Kontainer System you'll find 2 x packets of Korda Solidz PVA Bags, 1 x medium and 1 x small. That's 45 PVA bags to get your new and improved ‘bagging system' up and running immediately.

Finally, it's all stored inside a Korda dark kamo 10L bucket and because it's a modular system, all components fit efficiently and precisely inside the bucket for easy transportation and storage.

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