Harrison Advanced Rods Specialist - 12 ft 1,75lb


Harrison Advanced Rods Specialist - 12 ft 1,75lb

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Harrison MUR Specialist Rods If you're the kind of angler who likes to target hard fighting specialist fish, in particular powerful barbel, then this HarrisonSpecialist rod is the ideal addition to your angling arsenal. Perfect for a variety of specialist fishingneeds, although specifically designed for tackling barbel, this rod is also great for float fishing and surface carp fishing, too.

This makes the Harrison Specialist rod a versatile all-rounder for the angler who likes to mix things up on the bank and who wants to be able to tackle whichever fish present themselves on the day. As the name suggests, this is part of an impressive range from Harrison. The rod is the flagship model from Harrison, assuring you that any rod stamped with the name has to be a prestigious bit of kit.

This rod offers a stunning through action, combining a powerful butt with a forgiving tip. This ensures that you have the kind of reserves to pull in a hard fighting fish, like a powerful river barbel, whilst still having the sensitivity to ensure that you don't suffer from hook pulls when you're tackling lunging fish at close quarters – especially if you're fishing in snaggy waters.

As with all Harrison rods, the Harrison Specialist rod has been finished with premier quality furnishings. A full cork handle is topped with a precision Fuji DPS reel seat, ensuring you have all the grip you need when you're tackling an aggressive barbel. Fuji guides and a hook keeper ring top off the outstanding blank – leaving you with an unbeatable specialist angling outfit that has to be experienced to be believed.

There are two different test curve rods in the Specialist range

– one 1.75lb and one 2lb

– both of which are 12ft in length to accommodate a huge range of modern specialist applications.

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Harrison rods are unique.We not only make fishing rods and blanks in the UK, through our sister company we supply carbon to other manufacturers and are actively involved in carbon fibre research with British universities.

This gives us a technical edge. It also sparks new ideas and stimulates us to innovate.