Pineapple & N-Butyric 100 ml

Pineapple & N-Butyric 100 ml



Pineapple & N-Butyric 100 ml

19,50 €

A major league classic if ever there was one; Pineapple and N-Butyric never ceases to amaze us...

Any type of bait at any time of the year appears to benefit from the inclusion of this attractor, no surprise then, that it is one of the most popular flavours that we produce.

Use at 4-6ml per pound as the main smell for long term food baits and at an elevated inclusion rate for more instant, high attract baits.

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Nutrabaits was established in 1986 by two of the carp world’s most passionate and dedicated anglers, Bill Cottam and Tim Paisley. The brand was built on an ethos of quality and every ingredient used within the product range was painstakingly researched and included solely for meaningful reasons. The end result being a range of baits that set new standards both in terms of quality and effectiveness. It would be no exaggeration to say that Nutrabaits changed the view of commercially available carp baits forever…