GOO Wicked Tuna Supreme



GOO Wicked Tuna Supreme

15,50 €

ALI HAMIDI gives us the rundown on the next generation of Kiana Carp Goo:

“This is the first series of Goo without the signature fluorescent green in the range. Don't be alarmed though, because this family of Goos will prove that their success is not all about colour, in fact, it's mainly down to the secret soluble attractors they contain. These Goos work hard for you, drawing carp in and they'll pull fish to your hook bait quicker than anything else that exists.”

This tuna Goo has a subtle sweet undertone, yet is undeniably fishy too! Just like the Squid and King Crab Supremes, it has incredible ability to penetrate hook baits, right to the core. This allows it to pump out its meaty, sweet notes for hours underwater. This will give your hook baits a light pink colour, should you use it with white baits.

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