X-press Method Large

X-press method large

2,59 €


3,99 €

X-press Method - Modello 6339SmallNon Disponibile 3,99 € -35,00 %
2,59 €
(IVA Incl.)
X-press Method - Modello 6340LargeDisponibile 3,99 € -35,00 %
2,59 €
(IVA Incl.)

Stampo X-Press Method Moulds GURU Small Indicato per i pasturatori Inline METHOD feeder e Inline METHOD feeder X-SAFE di GURU

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A brand that immediately, from its birth, has been able to establish itself among the best performing brands in the feeder sector.

Guru today boasts a catalog of small items and clothing without comparison and is divided with other few brands the entire feeder industry.