F12 Torrent Trousers

Aqua F12 Torrent Trousers

Taglia: M. L, XL

84,00 €

F12 Torrent Trousers - Modello 8755MNon Disponibile 84,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
F12 Torrent Trousers - Modello 8756LNon Disponibile 84,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
F12 Torrent Trousers - Modello 8757XLDisponibile 84,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
F12 Torrent Trousers - Modello 9337SDisponibile 84,00 €
(IVA Incl.)

The F12 Torrent range has been developed with anglers who require hard-wearing premium materials in mind. They want garments that are durable, waterproof and rugged enough to suit all weathers, while being breathable and comfortable at the same time.

Manufactured from 3-ply polyester with a polyester tricot lining and polyester TPU membrane, the F12 Torrent Trousers have a 10,000mm hydrostatic head, which means they can withstand the most torrential of downpours. There are cold finger-friendly retained cord locks, allowing for easy adjustments in the coldest of conditions, and two pockets designed for optimum storage of wet weather essentials. They have a regular fit, which allows for easy layering during the colder months, and greater comfort while remaining a compact size.

They come supplied in a stuff sack. Available in sizes small- xxxl

  • High performance technical fabrics for outdoor activities in extreme conditions.
  • Premium Hard Wearing and Rugged materials for all weathers offering the 4 main functions required by anglers durable, waterproof, windproof and breathable with the added comfort and quality expected from Aqua products.
  • Cold finger friendly retained cordlocks allows easy ajustments.
  • Regular fit designed for layering and extended wear comfort.
  • Compact pack size huge performance, Supplied in stuff sack
  • Pockets designed for optimum storage of wet weather essentials

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