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20/20 Bankstick

20/20 Bankstick

20/20 Bankstick

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20/20 Bankstick - Modello 98119"Disponibile 14,00 € -18,00 %
11,48 €
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Hewn around a robust 16mm main shaft, our 20/20 Banksticks feature the solid metal fittings delivered throughout the 20/20 range.

Stainless steel tipped thumb screws ensure positive steadfast adjustment and matt black finish ensures utmost stealth and the enigmatic good looks synonymous with Cygnet.

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Cygnet hardware delivers rugged dependability and slick performance against expensive, heavy and brash alternatives. Ultra-durable, covert, black finishes complement premium-grade metals in designs that have become an angling enigma since their fruition from painstaking field-testing. Now it's your turn to experience the Cygnet enigma for yourself.