N-Gage XP Pop-up - 15mm


N-gage pop ups

6,00 €

Questi nuove pop up hanno un colore molto vivace ed una consistenza tale da resistere all'attacco di pesci indesiderati. Esse contengono tutti gli ingredienti usati nelle boilies shelf life Meteor garantendo la qualità che ci si aspetta con prodotti CCMoore

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CC Moore

At CC Moore & Co Ltd we strive to produce fishing baits of the highest possible quality, giving anglers the greatest chance of catching in any given situation. Whether using boilies, pellets, particles, groundbaits, hookbaits or spod mixes you can rest assured that if you’re sat behind rods baited with CC Moore products you’ve taken your first steps to angling success.

Specialising in high quality baits which are proven to catch fish and not just anglers, our products are not only unrivalled in their natural attraction but are also so highly nutritious that they encourage fish to accept and search them out as a viable food source once they have been introduced. This has been proven time and time again by the capture and re-capture of many specimen Carp and other species from angling venues all across the world.