Solar Fluoro Pop Ups Quench

Solar Fluoro Pop Ups Quench

8,70 €

Solar Fluoro Pop Ups Quench - Modello 1018414 mmDisponibile 8,70 €
(IVA Incl.)
Solar Fluoro Pop Ups Quench - Modello 1018518 mmDisponibile 8,70 €
(IVA Incl.)

When carp are hard to tempt and ‘matching the hatch' doesn't attract a bite, you need a bait that shouts out. You need a Solar Fluoro Pop-Up.
Based on our proven ‘Originals' formulas, our Hi-Soak/Hi-Leak structure ensures maximum absorption of attractors and feed stimulants, while making them ‘Needle-Friendly' and keeping them incredibly buoyant for long periods of immersion in water.
Choose Perfect Pop-Ups for any Pop-Up Rig, including chod rigs, zig rigs, snowman rigs, hinge rigs, multi rigs and floater hookbaits.
• An added edge to the Originals range
• Highly visual
• High attract
• Proven Solar MixMasters & additives
• Needle friendly
• Super buoyant

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Founded in 1987 by Martin Locke, Solar Tackle is one of the longest standing, true original carp fishing brands.
Born out of a need to get on the bank mid week, Martin was working as a metal engineer in the early 1980s, where he produced stainless bankware for his own fishing during his lunch hours. Quickly he had more requests from angling mates to make them some of the same than he could build in his lunch hours.