Greys Air Curve Abbreviated


Greys Air Curve Abbreviated

265,00 €

Greys Air Curve Abbreviated - Modello 455612 ft 3.00 lbSu Ordinazione 229,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
Greys Air Curve Abbreviated - Modello 455912 ft 3.25 lbSu Ordinazione 239,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
Greys Air Curve Abbreviated - Modello 456213 ft 3.50 lbDisponibile 279,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
Greys Air Curve Abbreviated - Modello 456312 ft 3.50 lbDisponibile 265,00 €
(IVA Incl.)

High quality carp rods with TOREON nano composite blanks. This results in a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved.

Designed first and foremost as a performance fishing rod, the action has been developed to provide the perfect balance between fish playing capability combined with exceptional casting performance.

The four models in the range cover any Carp fishing situation you're ever likely to encounter.

More Specifications

Rod Handle Type Abbreviated

Rod Blank Material TOREON

Rod Handle Material Rubber

Guides Including Tip 6

Guide Type G-Lite Ultralite SIC

Rod Butt Butt Cap

Reel Seat Fuji® DPS18

Weight 381.00

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At Greys we only know how to do things one way, without compromise. We know times are tough and yet we must still demand the best from our fishing tackle. The best design and the best materials - that's Greys.