ECU EMPERA DST Classic carp rod 12ft - 3.5lb tc


ECU EMPERA DST Classic carp rod
12ft - 3.5lb tc

logo edward custom upgrades

430,00 €

2 years extensive development sees the release of this very special carp rod. full 1k outer weave in a chestnut and amber hue tint. Fuji k series anti frap guides. 40mm k series butt to 16mm tip guide. Fuji reel seat. Toray jap carbons rolled into a fast action / fast taper distance rod. full cork handle, stainless butt cap. stainless collars.

slim profile blank yet still retaining playing abilities for close in work and to cope with the lunges of a powerful carp under the tip. with old skool looks mixed with modern technology the empera classic is quite simply stunning and I predict will gain cult status with many experienced anglers.

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Coming from an Ministry of Defence electronics background (I used to make safety anti-stall switches for British Tornadoes) and having had metalwork experience (working on MOD laser guided Paveway missile systems) I was soon experimenting with stainless steel. I did swan neck buzzer bars first, before going on to do a limited number of DMX Snag Pods, both of which have become sought-after and hard to find products.