Tribal TX-Ultra 1 12' Intensity 3,75 lb


Shimano Tribal TX-Ultra 1 12' Intensity 3,75 lb

335,25 €


447,00 €

The Tribal TX-Ultra is the flagship rod in the Tribal family.

Developed to be the best carp rod in the market. Thanks to the Spiral X and Hi-Power X constructions within the blanks, the rods are not only capable of chucking big distances (234 yards biggest recorded so far) they are unbelievably accurate.

The ultimate tool for fishing at distance over baited spots or to holes in the weed, where accuracy is a must, this technology has not been seen in carp rods before.

The slim, lightweight blanks are not just casting machines, in fact 15 samples were created in the process to ensure they are the ultimate carp fishing tool. The rod has an futuristic look and feel thanks to the split EVA grip design.


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