Century Focal System 13ft 3.50lb


Century Focal System 13ft 3.50lb

150,00 €

Today in the corner of the used Carpfishingonline we can see a very beautiful cane, a lady cane, the 13ft Century Focal System. 3.50lb

let's talk about a used one in perfect condition, as, fourth barrel of the official battery used. (the first three were customized and we didn't take the time to load them that went away burned).

The barrel is perfect in all its parts, equipped with an original steel plate, a thin and parallel stock formed by a compensation of various models of carbon fiber modules, precisely cut with a Swiss CAM CAM machine and wrapped on a latest generation rotational electric assembly table.

Formed in an autoclave for far that the performances are constant in the time, the FS is also subjected to the AT-T technology (Anti torsion) to ensure stability during the launch and the maximum in the bending test. The FS has a complex progressive action that is nevertheless gratifying, tolerant and absolutely capable of producing oceanic launches. The possibility of starting with a thin blank (parallel stock) allows us to considerably characterize the thing that is not possible with conical blanks, in which the intervention is influenced by the rough.

The latest FS version has Century paint that resists prolonged exposure to UVA rays from the sun, allows it to be kept effortlessly in excellent condition and resists scratches. The Century FS is equipped with the modification of the Fuji stainless steel ring, of the SB20 plate and is superficially finished with the new 1k-1k carbon fabric used in the field of class 1 sports cars; it appears opaque as silk and is sealed with our UV / PTFE-resistant silicone of the sun. The FS has a sober appearance with the FoCal writing aligned in the center of the stock in a black diamond surface print. The passers-by are the Century SiC wrapped with black bands fixed with epoxy resin.

The area under the reel seat is made of 2k-2k carbon fabric and has a handle made with ergonomic and comfortable JSR rubber.

These are the main features, if you need additional information do not hesitate to contact directly in the shop by phone on 0425 599 425 or 331 6636 854 or by e-mail at the usual address: info@carpfishingonline.net

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