Nick Evo Revolution Blu -Nero

Nick Evo Revolution Blu -Nero

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620,00 €

Nick Evo Revolution Blu -Nero - Modello 100523 rodsSu Ordinazione 620,00 €
(IVA Incl.)
Nick Evo Revolution Blu -Nero - Modello 100534 rodsSu Ordinazione 630,00 €
(IVA Incl.)

This Rod Pod is from a mechanical point of view the exact copy of a Evolution Pod. All the fetures that made it one of the most appreciated Rod Pods on the market have remained the same.

The new feature of the Revolution is the finish. Now it is possible to have the anodised joints in electic blue and red, as well as two camo models (green and brown), long awaited by our customers.

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