Solar Undercover Camo Scale pouch

Solar Undercover Camo Scale pouch


Undercover Camo Scale pouch

19,90 €

Custodia imbottita con cerniera per riporre le tue bilance, realizzata nella stessa 600D, con retro in PU,
Materiale UnderCover Camo come l'intera gamma UnderCover Camo.
Questa custodia beneficia anche di un accesso superiore con cerniera e di una tasca frontale in rete gommata con cerniera.

- Materiale mimetico con retro in PU 600D
- Accesso con cerniera a una tasca anteriore in rete gommata
- Imbottito per fornire protezione alle tue bilance
- Dimensioni (m) 0,2 x 0,295 x 0,07

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Founded in 1987 by Martin Locke, Solar Tackle is one of the longest standing, true original carp fishing brands.
Born out of a need to get on the bank mid week, Martin was working as a metal engineer in the early 1980s, where he produced stainless bankware for his own fishing during his lunch hours. Quickly he had more requests from angling mates to make them some of the same than he could build in his lunch hours.